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Is the Pakistani Diaspora in the West Doing Poorly?

A recent Dawn newspaper article entitled "Getting Ahead in the West" by British journalist Owen Bennet Jones suggests that Pakistanis in the US and the UK are doing poorly relative to their Indian counterparts. It builds this narrative using the example of 3 ministers of Indian origin and just one junior minister of Pakistani origin in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's cabinet. It also cites the example of the choice of Kamala Harris, who is seen as African-American in the US political context, on the Democratic presidential ticket headed by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

British Pakistanis: 

While it is true that the current British government has three ministers of Indian origin, it is also true that British Pakistanis Sajid Javid and Sayeeda Warsi held senior cabinet posts in recent British governments headed by Prime Ministers Teresa May and David Cameron. 

In addition to cabinet memberships, British Pakistanis have been elected as mayors of several cities, including London. They also have over a dozen seats in the British and European parliaments. 

Twelve British Pakistanis, including 5 women, have been elected members of parliament (MPs) in recent elections held in the United Kingdom, according to media reports.  Seven of them are members of the Labor Party and three belong to the Conservative Party. This sets a new record with the increase of two MPs from the May 2012 elections that resulted in the election of 10 MPs of Pakistani origin. British Pakistanis make up 1.8% of the British population, about the same as their representation in the House of Commons. There are 15 British Indians in the UK parliament and they make up 2.3% of the UK population. 

Upwardly Mobile Pakistani-Americans: 

A recent study shows that Pakistani-Americans are among 5 most upwardly mobile groups in the United States. Other top most upwardly groups are Chinese-Americans from Hong Kong, Taiwan and People's Republic of China and Indian-Americans.

Immigration to the United States continues to offer a route to escape poverty — if not for poor immigrants themselves, then for their sons, according to a study published by a team of economic historians at Princeton, Stanford and the University of California, Davis.

It is important to note that there are about 500,000 Pakistani-Americans, a fraction of about 3.2 million Indian-Americans in the United States. 

Average income rank of sons with parents in 25th percentile. Source: New York Times

Top 5 Upwardly Mobile Groups in America:

The study shows the adult outcomes of sons born in 1980 who grew up in poor families at about the 25th percentile of income distribution in the United States. Pakistani-American sons born in poor households are now at 59th percentile of income in the United States.

Sons of immigrants from Hong Kong in 25th percentile have the highest economic mobility are 64th percentile followed by China at 63rd, India at 62nd and Taiwan at 60th percentile. Sons of American born fathers are at 46th percentile, much lower than for the sons of immigrants. Only the sons of immigrants from the Caribbean island nations of  Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have lower mobility.

Six of the Twelve British-Pakistani MPs

British Pakistani MPs and Peers:

In addition to the 12 British Pakistanis in the House of Commons, there are 8 members of the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament, bringing the total strength of British Pakistanis in the UK parliament to 20. Most of them are from very humble backgrounds in rural Pakistan. Majority of Pakistanis in the UK are from Mirpur and its surrounding villages in Azad Kashmir. They or their parents migrated to Britain when they were given compensation by Pakistani government for their land to make way for the building of the massive Mangla Dam after the signing of the Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan in 1960. Five of the twelve British Pakistani MPs in the new parliament are from Azad Kashmir.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan:

Last year saw the election of Sadiq Khan as mayor of London, making him the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital city. Mayor Sadiq Khan is also of Pakistani-origin. Khan's father migrated to Britain in 1960s and worked as a London bus driver. Khan comes from a family of two generations of immigrants: His grandparents migrated from what is now India to the newly created state of Pakistan in 1947 and his parents migrated from Karachi to London in 1969. Sadiq Khan was born in London in 1970.

British Pakistanis' Struggles:

While the British Pakistanis have made some headway in the public sector in their new home, they continue to face discrimination, particularly in the private sector.  A 2016 study by the government’s Social Mobility Commission found that the "children of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin in Britain have outperformed other ethnic groups to achieve rapid improvements at every level of education, but are significantly less likely to be employed in managerial or professional jobs than their white counterparts".

The study said that the "minority ethnic pupils (including Pakistanis) are outperforming white working class children in English tests throughout school, with white British teenagers coming bottom of the pile in the subject at GCSE level".

Pakistani Doctors in the West:

Pakistani doctors make up the third largest source of practicing physicians and surgeons in the United States.  Pakistan is also the second largest source of doctors of foreign origin serving in the United Kingdom, according to OECD. Indians make up 34% of the foreign doctors in Britain, followed by 11% from Pakistan.


Pakistani-Americans are among the top 5 groups in terms of upward economic mobility, according to a study by researchers at Princeton, Stanford and UC Davis. Other immigrant groups with high mobility in America include Chinese and Indians.  It is important to note that there are about 500,000 Pakistani-Americans, a fraction of about 3.2 million Indian-Americans in the United States. British Pakistanis have achieved significant success in spite of their humble origins and discrimination they face in their adopted home. 12 of them serve as members of the House of Commons and 8 in the House of Lords. Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, the first Muslim leader of a major western capital, is the son of a London bus driver who migrated from Pakistan. British Pakistani children are outperforming their white working class peers in schools. British Pakistani doctors are the second largest population of doctors of foreign origin in the United Kingdom.  The British Pakistanis are among the best of the Pakistani diaspora, or any diaspora, in the world.  Pakistani-American have been described as "geniuses" by CNN analyst Van Jones.

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samir sardana said...

There are 2 issues in the Analytics missing in the above.One Pakistanis in the world are mostly ENTREPRENEURS and not white/blue collar slaves (like Indians), toiling like menials - which makes the Indians Ideal Slaves.

Which is Y Indians and especially Tamils are known for their Toilet cleaning skills - as they only focus on the face of Lincoln on a USD 5 bill.Even the Togonese army reckons the skills of the Tamils in Toilet Cleaning !

People say How are they so good ? It is simple ! Cleaning Toilets is a part of the school curriculum !


Most Importantly, Pakistanis need to realise that they are SECOND TO NONE and least of all an INDIAN - and especially, in the area of Intellect and Intelligence


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Riaz Haq said...

Pro-#Modi #Indian-#Americans support #Trump. "Trump is a God-sent opportunity for Indian-Americans if they want to have a say in this country," says Mr Gaekwad, who believes this kind of outreach will make a difference in the outcome of #Election2020.

The viral video, featuring President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, walking hand-in-hand and lathering praise on each other at a massive event held in Houston last year, had already attracted more than a million views on social media platforms, and the nearly 2,000 Indian-Americans on his chat groups were sharing it at a furious pace.

Meanwhile, for Mr Trump, mega-PR events like 'Howdy Modi!' and 'Namaste Trump' with the Indian prime minister - massive rallies held in each leaders' respective countries - have helped too.

In fact, the day after President Trump tested positive for coronavirus, a group of Hindu Indian-Americans in Chicago conducted a havan, an elaborate Hindu prayer ritual, for the "speedy recovery of the President and First Lady Melania".


While Democrats do not have the bonhomie of Mr Trump and Mr Modi to boast of, they have Senator Kamala Harris as Democratic challenger Joe Biden's running mate - and there's ample evidence to suggest her presence has galvanised the party's Indian-American supporters.

Ms Harris identifies as black, given her father is a Jamaican-American, but on the campaign trail she often speaks about her late mother Shyamala Gopalan, a biomedical scientist who immigrated to the United States from India as a young woman.

Until recently, many Indian-Americans had assumed Ms Harris to be a black politician, but the way she talks about her mother and embraces her Indian roots seems to have endeared her to many in the community.

Ramesh Kapur, a Massachusetts-based Indian-American industrialist, says the impact of the senator's Indian-American roots is most visible at fundraisers.

At a virtual event for Mr Biden the last week of September, the community raised $3.3m (£2.5m) in one night - the target was $1.5m.

Riaz Haq said...

The House Subcommittee on Asia’s October hearing on human rights in South Asia became a flashpoint for rising tensions between India and the U.S. Congress, as Democrats questioned why India would impose a blockade on internet access and prevent foreign journalists and government officials from visiting Kashmir if the situation on the ground was returning to normal. Panelist Aarti Tikoo Singh, a former Times of India journalist who justified the abrogation as a means of defending Kashmir against the “Pakistani terror state,” clashed with Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who earlier in the hearing said that “the situation in Kashmir is part of an overall Hindu nationalism project” and told Tikoo Singh that “the press is at its worst when it is a mouthpiece for the government.”

In the wake of the torrent of criticism at the hearing, the Indian Embassy hired Cornerstone Government Affairs to lobby House Democrats in particular, Harsh Vardhan Shringla, who was the Indian ambassador to the U.S. until the end of January, told India Abroad, a news outlet that caters to Indian American communities. According to filings made under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the Indian government has paid the firm $120,000 for its services in the past three months. (Cornerstone’s contract with India lasted through the end of February; it is not yet public whether it has been renewed.)

samir sardana said...

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samitr sardana said...

People ask - Y do Indians do better with the White masters,than with Indians or other races ? Some people do not even believe, the thesis !

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Source - Book Title - Yesterday in Paradise: 1950-1974
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And then,there are some who say that - it is understood that the Brits laid the foundations, of the Indian Railways .......... etc., but the Indians have evolved over the years.

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Who is the Hindoo God with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes, for the Indians in 2020 ? It is DONALD TRUMP - and he has saved the Indians,from the PLA,for AROUND 27 DAYS

samir sardana said...

Another example of Indian Hubris and the Grandiose Vision atop Mount Meru

The ATAL TUNNEL - which the PLA has promised to incinerate !

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So Y did the Indians build the tunnel ? To save time ? For what ? In war, Time has the proxy of "Inventory".If time is a vagary of war, then you carry more inventories (of men ,munitions, spares and food).If a war breaks out,the Tunnel will be destroyed, by the PLA - it cannot be defended, by Indian ADS.

Also,in matters of military logistics,in a war scenario - COST is NOT a Factor - and in any case,saving a few hours in logistics will NOT yield any material reductions in road freight - but will save the air freighting (by C-130s or Choppers)

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The Chinese say that the Indians took 15 years to make the tunnel. The Chinese must understand that the Hindoo God Rama (whose wife ran away,with Ravana- the King of Lanka),took 12 years to make a bridge of stones, to Lanka - and the bridge was MADE ENTIRELY BY APES.EVEN THE SEARCH,DIGGING AND TRANSPORTATION OF STONES WAS DONE BY APES.

EVEN AFTER 5000 YEARS,THERE IS NO IMPROVEMENT IN THE CAPABILITIES OF THE INDIANS - which is why Y they pray to Apes like Hanoo-man - and probably. rightly so !


Riaz Haq said...

Workers' #remittances to #Pakistan above $2 billion for 4th consecutive month in September, increasing to $2.3 billion, 31.2% up from last year, and 9% higher than in August. Remittances rose to a record $ 7.1 billion in Q1-FY21, 31.1% up over last year.


October 12, 2020

Trend of Strong Workers' Remittances Continues in September

Workers' remittances remained above $2 billion for the fourth consecutive month in September. They increased to $2.3 billion, 31.2 percent higher than the same month last year and 9 percent higher than in August.
On a cumulative basis, remittances rose to a record $ 7.1 billion in Q1-FY21, 31.1 higher than the same period last year.
The level of remittances in September was slightly higher than SBP's projections of $ 2 billion. Efforts under the Pakistan Remittances Initiative (PRI) and the gradual re-opening of major host destinations such as Middle East, Europe and United States contributed to the sustained increase in workers' remittances.