Saturday, June 17, 2017

India-Pakistan Champions Final; Panama JIT; Trump Under Investigation

What is so special about India-Pakistan final in Champions Trophy at the Oval in London? How did 8th ranked Pakistan succeed in making it to the final after the team in green was written off at the early stages of the tournament? Why is it likely to be one of the most watched televised sports events in the world? Will there be corruption and payoffs to influence the outcome? Who is most likely to win? Is it an opportunity for India-Pakistan cricket diplomacy?

What does the history-making appearance of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif before joint investigating team (JIT) to investigate corruption mean? Is it good or bad for accountability and democracy in Pakistan? What are the various likely outcomes of the Panama Leaks case now before the Supreme Court of Pakistan?

Why is President Donald Trump being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Muller for the obstruction of justice in FBI Director Comey's firing? Why are Vice President Mike Pence, Trump son-in-law and White House aide Jerrold Kushner and others hiring their own lawyers? Are they too caught up in the investigation?

Viewpoint From Overseas host Faraz Darvesh discusses these questions with Misbah Azam and Riaz Haq (

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Riaz Haq said...

Bottom ranked #Pakistan proves its resilience yet again. Beats defending champs #India by 180 runs in #CT17final to win #ChampionsTrophy2017

Ravi Krishna said...

Super victory. Got our butt kicked badly.

What an interesting day. Pak beat India in cricket to give them their worst defeat. India defeated Pak in Hockey to give them their worst defeat. Same day, both in London.

Riaz Haq said...

RK: "Super victory. Got our butt kicked badly."

Thank you. Indian captain Virat Kohli has been quite generous in his praise for Pakistan. He is indeed a man of grace.

RK: " India defeated Pak in Hockey to give them their worst defeat. Same day, both in London"

One small difference: Over a billion people watched Pakistan defeat India in Champions Trophy final while the hockey game was barely noticed :-)

Riaz Haq said...

Pakistan's national cricket team scored a historic win in Champions Trophy 2017 final against defending champions India on June 18th by the highest-ever margin of 180 runs in any ICC international tournament final. New players emerging from Pakistan Super League and the return of players like Mohammad Amir significantly strengthened the bottom-ranked Pakistan side to beat much higher-ranked teams, including India.