Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton Muslim?

As Obama gets closer to making history by clinching the Democratic nomination for US Presidential Elections in 2008, a number of stories are beginning to proliferate in the US media on the following questions: Is he really Christian as he says he is? Or is he secretly a Muslim? Why is his middle name Husain? Did he attend an Islamic School in Indonesia as a child? Is he really committed to supporting Israel? Would Obama take oath of office on the Bible? Why is the Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan endorsing him? Why does Obama want to talk to Iran without preconditions?

This debate has not been lost on the stand-up comedians such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of the Daily Show. Of particular interest to the bigots has been Obama's middle name which they emphasize greatly. Here's a take on this as applied to Hillary RODHAM Clinton's middle name to make the point:

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