Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pakistan Economic Review; KP Elections Aftermath; India Heatwave Deaths

How is Pakistan's economy performing after two years of Nawaz Sharif's government in power? What are its accomplishments and failures as laid out in the latest 2014-15 Economic Survey of Pakistan? Has there been any progress in resolving fundamental structural issues relating to taxation and  budget and current account deficits under Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif? Will the new budget for 2015-16 help grow the economy and improve macroeconomic indicators?

Are allegations against PTI-led government of rigging in KP local elections politically motivated? Are PTI opponents justified in their demand for resignation of KP government and holding of fresh local elections?

Is the current intense heatwave in India caused by South Asia's high vulnerability to climate change? With over 2000 people Indians dead in the current heatwave, should India's Modi government pay more attention to issues of climate change?

Viewpoint from Overseas host Sabahat Ashraf ( discusses these issues and more with Riaz Haq ( and Misbah Azam ( on Velayat TV USA.

Viewpoint from Overseas June 6, 2015 from WBT TV on Vimeo.

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