Sunday, April 13, 2008

Has the Lawyers Movement Gone Awry?

"If they demand that the Afghan refugees be returned to Afghanistan, we demand that they (the Urdu-speaking Karachi-ites) be sent back to India" so says Mr. Latif Afridi, the President of Peshawar Bar Association. This outrage from Peshawar followed the clashes between the lawyers in Karachi which were triggered by the violence of the lawless lawyers of Lahore earlier.

The lawyers movement started well and helped bring about a positive change in Pakistan as a manifestation of the rise of the middle class considered the backbone for any democracy. However, it seems that this well-intentioned movement has been hijacked by unscrupulous elements in the legal community who are willing to engage in bigotry and violence against any one who disagrees. The inflammatory rhetoric by Mr. Latif Afridi captured on video by GEO News is particularly shocking.

One of the most alarming trends in Pakistan is that the various factions of lawyers movement in different parts of the country have allied themselves with regional parties such as the MQM in Karachi, PML(N) in Lahore and Islamabad and ANP in Peshawar and Quetta. Unless the top leadership of these lawyers stop and reflect on this dangerous situation and alter their divisive rhetoric and inflammatory actions, it is within the realm of possibility that the very forces helping shape a democratic Pakistan may lead to its demise as a single nation. Democracy requires a lot of mutual tolerance, necessary compromises and great patience. It can not be nurtured or sustained in an environment of violence, bigotry and intolerance.


Anonymous said...

i think u belong to the mqm that is why u r so pro mqm.shame on u for supporting a fascist and teeroorist organization .people like u live abroad and claim to care and have knowledge of the misery of common man in u know how many innocents mqm has killed .uncountable.every body lives in karachi in fear of the bhaayas or badmash urdu speakers(who includes biharis who were pivotal in break up of east pakistan)do u forget that mqm burnt lawyers alive in karachi or u prefer to turn a blind.yes all the urdu speakers should be kickewd back to india where they will only sell pan msala for the rest of their lives coz un ko pakistan mein mily hoi izzat ras nahi aati.

Riaz Haq said...

Dear Anonymous,
I will not dignify your comments with a response. Instead, I will let you reflect on the stupidity and the bigotry you have spewed out.