Monday, September 30, 2019

"Howdy Modi" Rally in Houston; Trump Impeachment

How have different people reacted to "Howdy Modi" rally in Houston? Does it signify that "Indian-Americans have arrived'? Why did thousands protested against Prime Minister Modi? Was it a big election rally for President Trump who is seeking re-election in 2020? Why did Prime Minister Modi endorse President Trump? Does it expose Indian-American community to charges of hypocrisy in that they vote for Democratic Party to protect their own rights as a minority while also supporting Modi whose policies in India are seen as anti-minorities?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) with President Donald Trump at "Howdy Modi" Rally in Houston

Why are some Hindu-American democrats like Ro Khanna trying to distance themselves from Modi? Why did Silicon Valley's Indian-American Khanna urged his fellow Hindu-Americans to "reject Hindutva"? Why did he join Pakistan Caucus in US Congress?

Congressman Ro Khanna with Prime Minister Imran Khan

Why have Democrats in US Congress started impeachment inquiry against President Trump? What prompted this action? Is it his interaction with Ukraine's President Zelensky where he sought to have his potential presidential election opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter investigated for corruption? Why has Speaker Nancy Pelosi been so reluctant to do so until now? What are the chances that the US Senate with its Republican majority convict Trump?

Viewpoint From Overseas host Misbah Azam discusses these questions with Sabahat Ashraf (ifaqeer) and Riaz Haq (

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samir sardana said...

What is happening to the USA ? An Indian Tea seller and an Illiterate - is wishing a re-election for Trump ?

What are the Indian cyber coolies ?

Dindoo Hindoos drink Cow Piss and Cow Dung - as per the Vedas and the Mahabharata

SECTION III (Paushya Parva)

And that man addressed Utanka and said, 'Eat thou of the dung of this bull.' Utanka, however, was unwilling to comply. The man said again,
'O Utanka, eat of it without scrutiny. Thy master ate of it before.' And Utanka signified his assent and ate of the dung and drank of the
urine of that bull, and rose respectfully, and washing his hands and mouth went to where King Paushya was.


One should never feel any repugnance for the urine and the dung of the cow.
One should always bathe, using cow-dung at the time. One should sit on dried cowdung.
One should never cast one's urine and excreta and other secretions on cowdung.

samir sardana said...

There is a magical curse on Modi which dooms all nations that he visits and dooms all those who come to meet him !

The "Chaiwala Indian Dindoo Hindoo PM", has the "curse of satan on" him. The Satanic Effect ,has "3 layers" :

 The people "who come to meet" the Chaiwala Indian Dindoo Hindoo PM in Dindoo Hindoo Land

 The "people who invite" the Chaiwala Indian Dindoo Hindoo PM to come to their nation

 The "nation and city visited" by the Chaiwala Indian Dindoo Hindoo PM

People say Y ? Simple ! The Dindoo Hindoo Bindoo PM of India is a Dindoo from the "lowest community of oilmen" (as per the Dindoo caste system) and is considered "the discharge,id.est., the sperm or the menstrual fluid" of Mlecchas (who are also considered scum)

The Mahabharata, Book 8: Karna Parva: Section 45

 The mlecchas are the dirt of mankind: the "oilmen are the dirt of the Mlecchas"; eunuchs are the dirt of oilmen; they who avail of the priestly ministrations of Kshatriyas, in their sacrifices, are the dirt of eunuchs.

The application of the "Theologically and Ontologically Tridented", Kant's approach, is as under:

 For White nations, who are "born of Sarah and the Isaac" - the Jews (from Isaac) and Christians (from Esau) the disaster strikes in "less than 3 months",of the visit of the Satanic Dindoo Hindoo Limpet PM of India (For example the state of Israel and the Templars of Christos and Christ - Spain, Portugal and now America) dindooohindoo

 For White nations, who are "not born of or do not follow",the faith of Sarah and Isaac - in the "70% plus majority" (like France,UK,Russia and Germany)-the disaster strikes in less than 6 months of the visit of the Satanic Dindoo Hindoo Limpet PM of India

 For Islamic nations who are born of "Hagar or Ishmael"-the disaster strikes,in "less than 3 months" of the date of "planning the visit" of the Satanic Dindoo Hindoo Limpet PM of India

 For Boodheeest nations - there are "no proximates" - as they are doomed by "definition, history,geography and theology"

 For Atheists - there is "immunity"

The "Aristotelian Dialectic", in the above approach,for the sons of Isaac is in the Old Testament and the Babylonian Talmud

The "Ghazali Dialectic", in the above approach,for the followers of Ishmael, would be the Koran and sections of the Hadeeth

The people who "come to meet" the Chaiwala Indian Dindoo Hindoo PM, in "Dindoo Hindoo Land"

 Theresa May came to meet Chaiwala Indian PM - "she walked barefoot" ( on her lovely legs - imagine that !)

 In 5 months . she "lost the election" and is a lameduck PM !

 "Hollande" came to meet Chaiwala Indian PM (a human came from the land of Descartes,Molyneux and Voltaire)

 His "party lost the election", and is in the Dustbin of history

Murali said...

Mr.Riaz it will only diminish the credibility of your site to allow such comments like above. Please remember that people can easily figure out the truth. If pakistanis want to live in a bubble nobody can stop it. Meanwhile your erstwhile east pakistan is going places

Murali said...

Dear Mr. Riaz, people like samir sardana are the ones creating a problem. If pakistan is smart they should strike a deal with India that POK is theirs while rest of J&K is india’s. Thats the best way resolve. Once that’s done, they should focus on becoming like singapore provided they put ppl of right vision to helm the country.

India will also be able to focus their energies on their own development. This is good even from a china perspective. They get access to a big market.

Sheikh Hasina is a good example of not allowing islamists to take over the narrative & her country is growing in leaps & bounds.

Islamists like Samir will sound the death knell of Pakistan & make it a medieval country. Pakistan should not keep bringing up RSS as they operate within india and among indians & pose no threat to others. Yes, much earlier there was mention about Hitler by one of the earliest founders but much water has flown under the bridge over these many decades. After partition RSS is only focussed on securing & protecting the Indic way of living & not impose Hinduism on others. They just want others to recognize the history of the land & respect their way of life. If proselytizing & conversion are attempted there is a resultant Hindu backlash. I suppose even people in Islam & Christianity wont take kindly to conversions if that happens.

Radical islamism where Mullah’s & other islamists threathen to kill celebrities like Nusrat Jahan for celebrating durga pooja or killing Ramanathan in TN as he advised some muslim men not to convert bring out radicals among Hindus too.

So issue is very layered & complex. So the perception that muslims are being harassed is not true. If somebody commits a crime law will apply & there is no discrimination against muslims. If cattle owners catch smugglers & lynch them its bcoz law doesn’t protect their interests & unfortunately quite a few turn out to be muslims.

For the subcontinent to progress moderate muslims should override radical muslims & rein them in. Law of land should be above religion, if this happens even some of the Hindu Radicals will loose steam as they will have no cause to fight for where rule of law prevails.