Saturday, September 12, 2009

Musharraf Says Taliban "Digging Their Own Grave"

Former President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan was interviewed by Amy Kellogg of Fox News in London. This interview aired on Sept 8, 2009. Here are some of the key statements made by General Musharraf during this interview:

"They(Taliban) are digging their own grave by making Pakistanis turn away from them."

"Now all the people of Pakistan and also the media is combined, is united, asking the army to defeat them (Taliban)."

"They (Taliban) were roaming around our cities and causing terrorist attacks in our cities and all over, and we had to eliminate that."

"They (US Predator attacks in FATA) have been very controversial always. I personally believe that drones should be given to Pakistan because the sensitivity is American troops or any foreign troops coming into Pakistan."

“There is even a doubt whether he (Osama Bin Laden) is alive. Because right in the beginning he was a dialysis patient, he was a kidney patient; therefore I wonder if he is alive."

“For 42 years, until '89, we were the strategic partners of the West, we defeated the Soviet Union together. Then what happened after 1989 is the question. We were left high and dry."

"I think President Bush was a very sincere person, he was a very straight-talking, upright man. I like that in a man. A man who can look into your eyes and talk straight."

"In the military, my experience shows if you look into the eyes of a person ... you can see from the glint in their eyes whether they like the man or not. I think everyone (who worked for him) loved him.”

"President Obama has said that he will develop better, closer relations with Muslims, and I think he has been welcomed in the Muslim world. The Muslim world was very upbeat about his election. Having said that, he must deliver ... (and) I think it is a tough job that he faces to deliver on all that he has been talking.

"Muslims expect the United States to play a very fair role, an impartial role to deliver justice to the Islamic world."

Here is the video of President Musharraf's Interview with Fox News:

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Anonymous said...


NObody listens. When whole world tried to tell saddam, he did not listen. Then it was musharraf, but atleast he was smart not to take head on with USA.

Same could be the story of taliban. It reminds of the old indian proverb that when the bad days come, the person stops listening to his / her well wishers.