Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NED UNiversity Alumni Convention 2007

NED Alumni of Silicon Valley, CA are celebrating the illustrious history and the rich heritage of our alma mater on Sept 8, 2007 in San Jose, CA. I am very proud to be one such alumnus enthusiastically helping organize this historic event, a first in the high-tech capital of the world, which is now home to hundreds of NEDians. NEDians have made a strong contribution to the development of this valley, its economy and its reputation of innovation around the world. Yours truly is proud to have made his contribution as the lead designer of the Intel 80386 microprocessor and his contribution to Pentium processor/software development and as an entrepreneur and cofounder of two high-tech startups. Please visit www.nedians.org to learn more about NED and NEDians in the high-tech valley. This event is open to both NEDians and non-NEDians. So feel free to register early online at nedians.org.

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