Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sicko challenges the power of US Healthcare lobby

I saw Michael Moore's latest documentary "Sicko" last night along with my family. It opens as usual with a "Bushism" this time relating to healthcare "Litigation prevents OBGYNs practicing their love of women". Then it gets much more serious in bringing out the atrocious state of healthcare in the US and compares it to what the healthcare lobbyists deride as "socialized medicine" in Britain, France, Canada and Cuba. It clearly shows that the people receiving healthcare in these countries are healtheir and happier than the US healthcare consumers.
It also points out the corrosive power and influence of the healthcare lobbyists in the US and how they have essentially purchased the key legistators with large campaign contributions.
My earnest hope is that this movie will reingnite the healthcare debate and have a positive outcome for the average healthcare consumer this time.

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