Thursday, November 4, 2021

What Is The Impetus For Pakistan's Winning Streak at T20 World Cup? New Leadership? New Coaches?

Pakistan cricket team has won all four of the group matches it has played so far in the T20 World Cup being played in the United Arab Emirates. Pakistan currently sits on top of the points table with 8 points in Group 2.  Pakistan's only remaining match is with the team from Scotland which has lost all 3 matches it has played so far.  There is no doubt about the top talent in the Pakistani team but their performance at the T20 World Cup is extraordinary. So what accounts for it? What has changed recently within the team? Do Pakistanis have a chip on their shoulder and they are out to prove themselves? Are the new world-class coaches helping them?  

Pakistan's Coches Mathew Hayden (L), Vernon Philander 

One possible explanation is that Pakistanis have a chip on their soldier. They are out to prove themselves after having been shunned by teams like England, New Zealand and India. Another more likely explanation that I find more appealing is the change of leadership of Pakistan Cricket Board and the hiring of world class coaches. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed ex cricketer and cricket commentator Ramiz Raja as the new head of Pakistan Cricket Board in September 2021. This appointment triggered the walkout of head coach Misbah ul Haq and bowling coach Waqar Younis. 

Misbah's and Waqar's decision to quit created an opportunity for Ramiz to bring in a new coaching team of his choice. Ramiz chose British-Pakistani Saqlain Mushtaq as the new head coach, brought in world-class Australian batsman Mathew Hayden as the batting coach, and  South African seamer Vernon Philander as the bowling coach. 

Pakistan's Winningest T20 Team. Source: ESPN 

Here's how Ramiz Raja described Mathew Hayden: "The Australian can bring some aggression into the team. He has experience of World Cups and was a world-class player himself. Having an Australian in the dressing room will be of great benefit for us."

On Philander, Raja said, "I know him well, he understands the nuances of bowling and he has a great record in Australia."

These changes were clearly risky just before a major tournament but seem to have worked out well for the Pakistani side. Pakistan has already made it to the T20 World Cup semifinals, and is now considered among the favorites to win the World Cup this year. 

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Sal said...

T20 is in UAE where Pak always perform good.

Syed Ali said...

Pakistan is lucky, most of cricketing heavyweights are in other group Australia, England, South Africa, Windies.
In Pakistan group there are only 2 big teams India and NZ.
We have to wait for semis and final to see how good Pakistan team is.

samir sardana said...


Pakistan has exited and pierced through,the worst challenges of its existence - with COVID and Afghanistan and the IMF loans,FDI,FATF and the PKR-USD and the internal insurgency

All have been executed,with excellence !

COVID excellence - certified by Larry Summers
Afghanistan - par excellence
Internal Insurgency - also solved with the Afghan solution
IMF/FAFT/FDI - cracked inspite of the Indians
PKR-USD - suited to the needs of Pakistan

All of the above,at the sane time,is the ultimate MULTITASKING STRESS TEST,BY THE ENTIRE TEAM OF IMK.

That same confidence has been imbued in the Pakistan team.Political and Economic successes of a nation,and its NON-RECOGNITION by the world,is reflected in the perfection (the NOT OUT DECIMATION OF THE HINDOOS) and confidence of the Pakistan team.THERE ARE MANY SUCH INSTANCES IN SPORTS HISTORY - and it is neither coincidence nor prescience.dindooohindoo


Ahmed said...

Dear Sir Riaz

Thank you for such a nice and entertaining post, as you know that Pakistanis are cricket lovers. Pls pray that Pakistan wins the world cup, their are chances that India might reach semi-final and meet Pakistan their.

So pls pray


Riaz Haq said...

#Pakistan good all-round team, #BabarAzam a superstar, says #Australia coach Justin Langer ahead of the #T20WorldCup21 Australia-Pakistan #semifinal scheduled for November 11 in #Dubai.

Australia coach Justin Langer has praised the Pakistan cricket team as they prepare for a potential semi-final showdown with the Green Shirts at the Twenty20 World Cup this week.

Pakistan have been the dominant force in Group 2, winning all four of the matches to date, and Langer looks forward to the clash in Dubai.

Commenting on the Pakistan side, he said: “They've got a good all-round team, like we have, and they're well led."

The Australian coach also had words of praise for skipper Babar Azam and told reporters he looks forward to the clash in Dubai.

“Their captain, Babar Azam, is a superstar of the game. They've some good pace bowlers and they've a couple of good spinners, so they're a well-balanced side like we are, so it should be a great game of cricket.”

Langer's team booked their place in the last four on Saturday as David Warner's unbeaten 89 steered the Australians to an eight-wicket win over the West Indies that secured a second spot in Group 1 of the competition's Super 12 phase.

Langer believes his team can re-establish themselves as the best in the world. “Not that long ago we were the best team in the world and some of that cricket shows we can be the best team in the world,” Langer told reporters.

“I think England are leading the way at the moment and we've got exciting prospects.

“We're taking great lessons from this tournament on how we can continue to play T20 cricket now, for this tournament, and moving forward.”

The Australians made a strong start in the competition before suffering a heavy eight-wicket defeat against England that left the Aaron Finch-captained side uncertain about their place in the knockout rounds.

But comprehensive wins over Bangladesh and the West Indies ended those doubts and the Australians are likely to face Pakistan, who lead Group 2 with their final match against Scotland to be played on Sunday, in Thursday's semi-finals.

“It was brilliant again last night, I think our last few games have been outstanding cricket,” said Langer.

“The boys have really stepped up. It was quite a sobering experience against England. We knew we had to do some work and the way the boys responded to that has been brilliant, so it's nice to be in the semi-final.

“You can't win it unless you're in the semi-final. It's nice to be sitting here, knowing we're in a semi-final on Thursday.”

samir sardana said...

As I said on October 26, 2021 at 10:44 AM,on

"After Pakistan wins the T20,if Pakistan armour rolls into Kashmir - it will be the best opportunity of all time ...."

To win,you need to win the semi final - which Pakistan will win today.It is a perfect confluence of gematria and numerology.

And then the Pakistani armour can roll in on Monday !

samir sardana said...

As I said on October 24, 2021 at 10:40 AM,on

"And if Hassan Ali had just bowled tighter - the score would not have crossed 100 !"

The game which Pakistan had won with the FIFTH WICKET LOSS of Aussie,was lost,by the dropped catch of Hassan Ali !

That derailed the bowling of Shaheen also !

Hassan Ali is an extraordinary cricketer - but he dropped a catch,which was in the air,for a LONG TIME (via a edge) ! If he had taken the catch - the story would have been different. That Aussie batsman - ultimately nailed the match !

But on matters of statistical providence - Y does Hassan wear a necklace,of his "famous pose" - WHICH LOOKS LIKE A CROSS - except that the feet on the amulet,hanging from the necklace,are at a 45 degree fork ? That is the cross of the Aussies ?

Perhaps he should keep it inside his T-Shirt,when he plays Kiwis and Aussies - who are followers of the cross !

But Pakistan is the defacto champion,as they beat the Kiwis,who beat England and England annihilated the Aussies !

The 2nd disaster was that,the Pakistanis did not blast the bowling,in the 19th Aussie over - when they scored only 3 runs !

So nothing to be ashamed about - Pakistanis are the defacto champions ! BUT THEY COULD HAVE EASILY BEEN THE "OFFICIAL CHANPIONS" !

Jiye Jiye Pakistan !