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Is the Pakistani Diaspora in the West Doing Poorly?

A recent Dawn newspaper article entitled "Getting Ahead in the West" by British journalist Owen Bennet Jones suggests that Pakistanis in the US and the UK are doing poorly relative to their Indian counterparts. It builds this narrative using the example of 3 ministers of Indian origin and just one junior minister of Pakistani origin in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's cabinet. It also cites the example of the choice of Kamala Harris, who is seen as African-American in the US political context, on the Democratic presidential ticket headed by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

British Pakistanis: 

While it is true that the current British government has three ministers of Indian origin, it is also true that British Pakistanis Sajid Javid and Sayeeda Warsi held senior cabinet posts in recent British governments headed by Prime Ministers Teresa May and David Cameron. 

In addition to cabinet memberships, British Pakistanis have been elected as mayors of several cities, including London. They also have over a dozen seats in the British and European parliaments. 

Twelve British Pakistanis, including 5 women, have been elected members of parliament (MPs) in recent elections held in the United Kingdom, according to media reports.  Seven of them are members of the Labor Party and three belong to the Conservative Party. This sets a new record with the increase of two MPs from the May 2012 elections that resulted in the election of 10 MPs of Pakistani origin. British Pakistanis make up 1.8% of the British population, about the same as their representation in the House of Commons. There are 15 British Indians in the UK parliament and they make up 2.3% of the UK population. 

Upwardly Mobile Pakistani-Americans: 

A recent study shows that Pakistani-Americans are among 5 most upwardly mobile groups in the United States. Other top most upwardly groups are Chinese-Americans from Hong Kong, Taiwan and People's Republic of China and Indian-Americans.

Immigration to the United States continues to offer a route to escape poverty — if not for poor immigrants themselves, then for their sons, according to a study published by a team of economic historians at Princeton, Stanford and the University of California, Davis.

It is important to note that there are about 500,000 Pakistani-Americans, a fraction of about 3.2 million Indian-Americans in the United States. 

Average income rank of sons with parents in 25th percentile. Source: New York Times

Top 5 Upwardly Mobile Groups in America:

The study shows the adult outcomes of sons born in 1980 who grew up in poor families at about the 25th percentile of income distribution in the United States. Pakistani-American sons born in poor households are now at 59th percentile of income in the United States.

Sons of immigrants from Hong Kong in 25th percentile have the highest economic mobility are 64th percentile followed by China at 63rd, India at 62nd and Taiwan at 60th percentile. Sons of American born fathers are at 46th percentile, much lower than for the sons of immigrants. Only the sons of immigrants from the Caribbean island nations of  Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have lower mobility.

Six of the Twelve British-Pakistani MPs

British Pakistani MPs and Peers:

In addition to the 12 British Pakistanis in the House of Commons, there are 8 members of the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament, bringing the total strength of British Pakistanis in the UK parliament to 20. Most of them are from very humble backgrounds in rural Pakistan. Majority of Pakistanis in the UK are from Mirpur and its surrounding villages in Azad Kashmir. They or their parents migrated to Britain when they were given compensation by Pakistani government for their land to make way for the building of the massive Mangla Dam after the signing of the Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan in 1960. Five of the twelve British Pakistani MPs in the new parliament are from Azad Kashmir.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan:

Last year saw the election of Sadiq Khan as mayor of London, making him the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital city. Mayor Sadiq Khan is also of Pakistani-origin. Khan's father migrated to Britain in 1960s and worked as a London bus driver. Khan comes from a family of two generations of immigrants: His grandparents migrated from what is now India to the newly created state of Pakistan in 1947 and his parents migrated from Karachi to London in 1969. Sadiq Khan was born in London in 1970.

British Pakistanis' Struggles:

While the British Pakistanis have made some headway in the public sector in their new home, they continue to face discrimination, particularly in the private sector.  A 2016 study by the government’s Social Mobility Commission found that the "children of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin in Britain have outperformed other ethnic groups to achieve rapid improvements at every level of education, but are significantly less likely to be employed in managerial or professional jobs than their white counterparts".

The study said that the "minority ethnic pupils (including Pakistanis) are outperforming white working class children in English tests throughout school, with white British teenagers coming bottom of the pile in the subject at GCSE level".

Pakistani Doctors in the West:

Pakistani doctors make up the third largest source of practicing physicians and surgeons in the United States.  Pakistan is also the second largest source of doctors of foreign origin serving in the United Kingdom, according to OECD. Indians make up 34% of the foreign doctors in Britain, followed by 11% from Pakistan.


Pakistani-Americans are among the top 5 groups in terms of upward economic mobility, according to a study by researchers at Princeton, Stanford and UC Davis. Other immigrant groups with high mobility in America include Chinese and Indians.  It is important to note that there are about 500,000 Pakistani-Americans, a fraction of about 3.2 million Indian-Americans in the United States. British Pakistanis have achieved significant success in spite of their humble origins and discrimination they face in their adopted home. 12 of them serve as members of the House of Commons and 8 in the House of Lords. Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, the first Muslim leader of a major western capital, is the son of a London bus driver who migrated from Pakistan. British Pakistani children are outperforming their white working class peers in schools. British Pakistani doctors are the second largest population of doctors of foreign origin in the United Kingdom.  The British Pakistanis are among the best of the Pakistani diaspora, or any diaspora, in the world.  Pakistani-American have been described as "geniuses" by CNN analyst Van Jones.

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samir sardana said...

There are 2 issues in the Analytics missing in the above.One Pakistanis in the world are mostly ENTREPRENEURS and not white/blue collar slaves (like Indians), toiling like menials - which makes the Indians Ideal Slaves.

Which is Y Indians and especially Tamils are known for their Toilet cleaning skills - as they only focus on the face of Lincoln on a USD 5 bill.Even the Togonese army reckons the skills of the Tamils in Toilet Cleaning !

People say How are they so good ? It is simple ! Cleaning Toilets is a part of the school curriculum !


Most Importantly, Pakistanis need to realise that they are SECOND TO NONE and least of all an INDIAN - and especially, in the area of Intellect and Intelligence


1 - This is a SC judge of India,who said in THE CROWN COURT OF LONDON that a man CANNOT GET A FAIR TRIAL IN INDIA ! He got this Lumen Naturale moment in the land of John Locke - because the White man INSPIRED him,to this exalted level of intellectual illumination !

2- The Golden Era of India was under the Scythians,Mongols,Huns and the White Man.It is the White man is God – syndrome.The Rig Veda records that the Hindoos Gods were white skinned , with golden hair and blue eyes ?!! The world has not seen an Indian with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes.Where could they be from The Answer – It is the White Man ! Which is Y the Indians loved being ruled by the White man (even to date,as in Goa),and admit that those days were better and long for the same.

Hindoos accept that the White man is the Master race and that is Y they are referred to as cyber coolies.

All that the Indians have achieved is due to the whiteman ! That is the record of History ! dindooohindoo

It was the white Scythians with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair, who”brought horses and chariots”, into the shit hole of Dindoosthan, for the Hindoo
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes,from Persia, from whom the Hindoo learnt about “Fire Worship and the concept of the soul” and the “land of Persia” , described in the “Rig veda” as the “land of the Aryans”
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes from whom the Hindoo learnt about “astronomy and the basics of the movements, of the planets and stars”
It was the “French and American Generals” (General Jean Baptiste Ventura and Jean Francois Allard) in the army of Ranjit Singh which won the Khalsa wars – with EU artillery and cavalry – else there would have been, no Khalsa Military success, ever
If the French and American Generals “had not been” in the army of Ranjit Singh, the “Khalsa would have been destroyed by the Mughals”, before the Brits raped the Khalsa,and the “Mughals would have gained in strength, to drive out the Brits” – converting the Hindoo into Muslims
It was the “Brits who destroyed the Mughals” – else these Hindoo would be Muslims toay
It was the Brits who “taught English” to the Hindoo
It was the Brits who laid down the “education,railways, administrative and bureaucractic process”,for these Hindoo ( sample the Engineering Skills)

Riaz Haq said...

Pro-#Modi #Indian-#Americans support #Trump. "Trump is a God-sent opportunity for Indian-Americans if they want to have a say in this country," says Mr Gaekwad, who believes this kind of outreach will make a difference in the outcome of #Election2020.

The viral video, featuring President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, walking hand-in-hand and lathering praise on each other at a massive event held in Houston last year, had already attracted more than a million views on social media platforms, and the nearly 2,000 Indian-Americans on his chat groups were sharing it at a furious pace.

Meanwhile, for Mr Trump, mega-PR events like 'Howdy Modi!' and 'Namaste Trump' with the Indian prime minister - massive rallies held in each leaders' respective countries - have helped too.

In fact, the day after President Trump tested positive for coronavirus, a group of Hindu Indian-Americans in Chicago conducted a havan, an elaborate Hindu prayer ritual, for the "speedy recovery of the President and First Lady Melania".


While Democrats do not have the bonhomie of Mr Trump and Mr Modi to boast of, they have Senator Kamala Harris as Democratic challenger Joe Biden's running mate - and there's ample evidence to suggest her presence has galvanised the party's Indian-American supporters.

Ms Harris identifies as black, given her father is a Jamaican-American, but on the campaign trail she often speaks about her late mother Shyamala Gopalan, a biomedical scientist who immigrated to the United States from India as a young woman.

Until recently, many Indian-Americans had assumed Ms Harris to be a black politician, but the way she talks about her mother and embraces her Indian roots seems to have endeared her to many in the community.

Ramesh Kapur, a Massachusetts-based Indian-American industrialist, says the impact of the senator's Indian-American roots is most visible at fundraisers.

At a virtual event for Mr Biden the last week of September, the community raised $3.3m (£2.5m) in one night - the target was $1.5m.

samir sardana said...

To settle the debate over the Servility of the Indian,to the White man - manifested by the
Imposed Hugs, of Chaiwala Modi (Hugging Jacaranda),with White leaders and Trump

The fact is that Indians being a slave race,excel when they are at the feet of the White Master.Even in India - White Skin Rules.THE WHITE MAN KNOWS BEST,HOW TO UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL, OF THEIR INDIAN SLAVES.

But there are many who DO NOT want to be slaves,to the White man.These people opine on the White man, and the policies of their nations, as these people are SENTIENTS.BUT INDIANS do not opine - they just work like ROBOTS,irrespetive of work conditions,health,hygiene,salary and benefits - the perfect slaves.dindooohindoo.

It is just the same story in the GCC.Pakistani workers are tougher,better and stronger than the Indian weasels - BUT the Pakistanis DO NOT TOLERATE poor working conditions, physical abuse, open discrimination etc - and so,the problems for the Pakistanis.At the end of the day.Arabs WANT SLAVES - which gravitates them,to the Indians and East Asians.


The “Hindoo Gods and the Inspiration” for the Hindoos” of the “RigVeda” are all “Whitemen with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair” (Like Indra etc)
It was the white Romans with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair,who built the “gold chest” of the Hindoo (by importing Indian silk and spices and then paying the Indians in Roman Gold Coins.Roman Gold Coins were used as Currency in India for several years.Centuries later, these Gold Coins were melted and Gold Idols were made - more than 3500 years after the Egyptians mines and smelted Gold in the Pharoah's Tombs)
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair,from whom the Hindoo “copied the chronology of all the Kings of the Puranas” as they bear a remarkable symmetry with Nordic, Assyrian and Babylonian Mythology
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair,like the “Greeks and others”, from whom the Hindoo “learnt about Krishna ” (When Alexander's Army faced the brave Pakistani Porus - the Greek Army had flags of Krishna - by a dufferent name !)
It is the Babylonians and Assyrians,from whom the Hindoo learnt about “animal worship – Nandi and Jallikattu”
It was the Brits who “planned,structured and executed the army and airforce”, for these Hindoos (which is what led to the chance Indian Victory over the Mujahideen in 1947 - and then,when the Brits left - the Indian Military is in terminal decline)
It was the Brits who “brought modern science” to the Hindoo
It was the Brits who “institutionalised the Martial Race Theory”,in the Military (to revive the shattered egos of the Hindoos - which was built and resurrected on lies)
It was the Brits who “educated Ambedkar, who wrote the constitution” for the Hindoo (It was the white man who led the intellectual evolution of Ambedkar)
It was the Brits who “educated and trained Gandhi” and “built him into a Global Icon and Brand” – else the Hindoo /Africans, would have devoured Gandhi,a long time ago
It was the Brits who taught the Hindoo “how to eat with a spoon and a fork ”
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair,who brought the ”contraceptive”, "toilet paper" and the "English Toilet" to the Hindoo
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair from Communist Russia – who “gifted all the space and military technology”, to the Hindoo and built the infrastructure (Dams and N-Power Plants) for the Hindoo
It was a Whiteman with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair,”Max Mueller”who introduced the Hindoo to the world and also,introduced the world to the Hindoo
It is the Whiteman with Blue Eyes and Golden Hair from Communist Russia,who “prevented the rape and pillage” of the Hindoo by the “Chinese and the Pakistanis” in 1947,1962,1965 ...................... and so on.

samitr sardana said...

People ask - Y do Indians do better with the White masters,than with Indians or other races ? Some people do not even believe, the thesis !

This is an Indian Nobel Laureate - Abhijit Banerjee - who said that,he would NOT have won,the Nobel - HAD he BEEN WORKING IN INDIA !

Some people say that Indians might have GOTTEN over,the White Man's Slave Syndrome,after 70 years of the White Man's exit,from Hindoosthan.If you go to Goa - you will find the Nassara, STILL displaying their loyalty and fealty,to the Portugese.

Goans have always been a race of servile slaves and traitors - even in Africa - where they worked as Portugese spies and sympathisers, even after the Portugese quit India.This is the Speech of the Kenyan PM, in the Kenyan Parliament. dindooohindoo.It is the Indian DNA.

Source - Book Title - Yesterday in Paradise: 1950-1974
By Cyprian Fernandes

"Indeed there are goans in this country who wish to be loyal to Portugal,then I say you have no business being in Kenya,If that it what the Goan Community in this country wants to be,let them know from now on,they will have no place in this country..."

And then,there are some who say that - it is understood that the Brits laid the foundations, of the Indian Railways .......... etc., but the Indians have evolved over the years.

I present the technological innovation and evolution, of the Indians - the pure Genius !

Who is the Hindoo God with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes, for the Indians in 2020 ? It is DONALD TRUMP - and he has saved the Indians,from the PLA,for AROUND 27 DAYS

samir sardana said...

Another example of Indian Hubris and the Grandiose Vision atop Mount Meru

The ATAL TUNNEL - which the PLA has promised to incinerate !

Y did the Indians Build the Atal Tunnel - knowing that the PLA will blow it up ?

The Indian Drama,is to fool the dumb Indians, and to impress their White Masters. The state of Indians is so pathetic, that they ,in 2020,are still mesmerised, by so-called Infra Projects - which can be blown to bits by the Chinese Precision Guided Ammo - assuming PlLA jets do not bomb it !

The Indian ADS which shot down their own Chopper in Bugdam - will use Indian ADS toprotect their tunnel from Chinese Missiles ? Also ,Indians have no ability to strike similar Chinese Infra , in Tibet - except by sending their Jets, deep into Tibet - which will be shot down, by Chinese PLAF and ADS. In any case, Chinese have many tunnels and many logistics options - while India has ONLY 1 TUNNEL..

Y have the Indians Built this tunnel ? Each tunnel has an entry and an exit,and an approach and an exit road.In the winters, there would be snow,ice and avalanches, and so,the roads will be unusable or will slow down,the logistics, and in some cases, the roads will be closed down.

Then,the Tunnel covers less than 15%,of the distance,to the target destination.dindooo hindoo

Therefore,if the PLA bombs the entry OR the exit of the Tunnel,or the Approach road to OR beyond the tunnel or the 100s of Kms of road, after the tunnel - THE TUNNEL WILL BECOME UNUSABLE ! If the road is bombed then the chances of a landslide, are almost 100% ! And if the approach roads ,to the landslide, are also bombed, no crane will reach the location, and the cranes will have to BE AIRLIFTED ,by specialised Choppers which will take time to organise,and will be sitting ducks, even for MANPADs.

So Y did the Indians build the tunnel ? To save time ? For what ? In war, Time has the proxy of "Inventory".If time is a vagary of war, then you carry more inventories (of men ,munitions, spares and food).If a war breaks out,the Tunnel will be destroyed, by the PLA - it cannot be defended, by Indian ADS.

Also,in matters of military logistics,in a war scenario - COST is NOT a Factor - and in any case,saving a few hours in logistics will NOT yield any material reductions in road freight - but will save the air freighting (by C-130s or Choppers)

Even if a surge is planned by the Indians - it is best done by air - as time is of the essence. Of course the aircargo will be shotdown - but it is easier to blow up the stationery target,id.est.,The Tunnel,and its matrix of impotence.

The Chinese say that the Indians took 15 years to make the tunnel. The Chinese must understand that the Hindoo God Rama (whose wife ran away,with Ravana- the King of Lanka),took 12 years to make a bridge of stones, to Lanka - and the bridge was MADE ENTIRELY BY APES.EVEN THE SEARCH,DIGGING AND TRANSPORTATION OF STONES WAS DONE BY APES.

EVEN AFTER 5000 YEARS,THERE IS NO IMPROVEMENT IN THE CAPABILITIES OF THE INDIANS - which is why Y they pray to Apes like Hanoo-man - and probably. rightly so !


sikh said...

samir sardana needs a history lesson.
Khalsa was fighting much before Sikh empire and European support was much later even for Ranjit Singh.

The success of Khalsa was being upright and pro-equality and world's best guerilla tactics.Ranjit Singh Army which came later had many Muslims(may be majority) in army.It was secular state and he had respect of Muslims as He didn't chose revenge but reconciliation with Muslims unlike current spiteful India run by Hindus.

samir sardana said...

Mr Sikh (as above) is to note that the pinnacle of military success was achieved by the Sikhs under RANJIT SINGH (only),and NOT the Sikh Gurus (with due deference to them)

And that success was DUE to the European Cavalry and Artillery led by French and American Generals.

There is no need to be shy of the same.Even Shivaji and his father were TRAINED by Mallik Ambar - an Abyssinian ! dindooohindoo

The fact is that Indians are weasels,and CANNOT fight a war - they have no IQ,No Science,No Strategy,No Courage and No Stamina and Strength

Did Nanak coin the word "Khalsa" ? How did it come about ? Sikhs were hoodwinked by the Bania/Brahmin verminage,to DEFEND HINDOO SO CALLED ATROCITIES by the Mughals (As the story goes)

If so, then why did Sikh Gurus die for the Brahmins and allow them to steal and forge sikh scriptures, as well as,place idols in the Takht and the Golden Tempke , besides their priests in the Temple ?

Is it because a bulk of Sikhs being Hindoo converts and resident in a Hindoo Nation failing to fform their Nation – suffered from the Osmois of the Hindoo and the Effect of Hindoo Transcendence

This is what the Granth says about these vermin

Sample the love for the Brahmins in Granth

You may stand and recite the Shaastras and the Vedas, O Siblings of Destiny, but these are just worldly actions. “Filth cannot be washed away by hypocrisy”, O Siblings of Destiny; the filth of corruption and sin, “is within you”. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 635)
O Pandit, O religious scholar, “your filth shall not be erased”, even if you read the Vedas for four ages. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 647)
The Pandits, the religious scholars, and the silent sages, reading and studying the Vedas, have grown weary. The Messenger of Death “hovers over their heads”; they are ruined by the deceit within themselves. ||7|| (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 1277)

Under what compulsions did the Sikh theologians and clergy get hoodwinked by the Brahmins ? And if so,does that explain the current state of the Sikhs (pre and post Bluestar) ?

samir sardana said...

1 more question for the SIKH at November 2, 2020 at 8:33 PM

Y did the Khala wage war on the Mughals ? The Granth EXTOLS "ALLAH"

What is the significance iof the word Allah in the Granth ? Why does it appear more often than the aggregate of all Hindoo Gods ? Is it a Quasi Islamic faith minus halal and circumcision and funeral rites ?

But the Granth Sahib itelf says “Pray to Allah”, the word Allah comes more often, than Limpet Rama ! SO Y DID THE KHALSA WAGE WAR ON THE MUGHALS ? WHO MANIPULATED OR BEGUILED THE SIKG GENBERALS AND "GURUS" ? Is it so easy to beguile a Sikh ?



|| 1 || O Baba, the Lord Allah is Inaccessible and Infinite


|| 5 || He is Allah, the Unknowable, the Inaccessible, All-powerful and Merciful Creator.


|| 1 || The One Lord, the Lord of the World, is my God Allah


|| 6 || 2 || PRABHAATEE: First,Allah created the Light; then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings.


|| 3 || The Lord Allah is Unseen; He cannot be seen.

samir sardana said...

2nd last question for the SIKH at November 2, 2020 at 8:33 PM

Y did Tegh Bahdaur say to Aurangzeb that he was a Hindoo ?

Tin te sun Siri Tegh Bahadur
Dharam nibaahan bikhe Bahadur Uttar bhaniyo, dharam hum Hindu
Atipriya ko kin karen nikandu Lok parlok ubhaya sukhani
Aan napahant yahi samani Mat mileen murakh mat loi
Ise tayage pramar soi Hindu dharam rakhe jag mahin
Tumre kare bin se it nahin

– Guru Tegh Bahadur’s reply to Aurangzeb’s ordering him to embrace Islam.

(In response, Shri Tegh Bahadur says, My religion is Hindu and how can I abandon what is so dear to me? This religion helps you in this world and that, and only a fool would abandon it. God himself is the protector of this religion and no one can destroy it.)

Did he say that he was a Hindoo ? Nanak never said so ! So then Y did Tegh Bahadur ? When Gobind Singh destroyed idols,temples and kings who prayed to idols – why did Tegh Bahadur stand up for the Brahmin/Bania - and SAY TO AURANGZEB,"THAT HE WAS A HINDOO" ?

That is the question !

Did Tegh Bahadur not know that Brahmins would his last words,to build their thesis that Sikhs are Hindoos – and so it is stated,in the Indian Constitution

THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION RECKONS SIKHS AS "HINDOOS",in line with the words of Tegh Bahadur. This is also recorded by EU historians !

It is the Brahmin/Bania who partitioned Punjab,stole the waters of Punjab,poisoned the land of Punjab, planned and led Blue star ,completely corrupted the state of Punjab,placed idols in the Golden Temple and FLOODED the state of Punjab with DRUGS !

Y ?

It is simple ! The Brahmins/Bania/Pandits NEVER TRUSTED THE SIKHS - not even NANAK !They always saw the Sikhs and Sikhism, as a THREAT (as it is the ANTI-THESIS OF HINDOOISM) and so,they beguiled and manipulated the Sikhs,to fight against the Mughals - KNOWING THAT NEITHER SIDE WILL BACK DOWN.

This is called ROMAN ROULETTE - like the one played by Josephus,in the cave of Galilee !

Who conned the son of Nanak to be a Udaasi ? What are these semi naked Udaasis - if not a derivative of Aghoris and Jains ? When Nanak was under the influence of Mardana,his OWN SON was a UDAASI ?

How did that occur ?


Blue star was planned by North Indian Brahmins and executed by SOUTH INDIAN BRAHMINS OF THE INDIAN ARMY
The genocide of Sikhs in Punjab - was planned by North Indian Brahmins and OVERSEEN BY A GOAN CATHOLIC IPS OFFICER AND A SIKH (KPS GILL)

See the Planning and the Contrast !

All the Sikh Gurus and their women and kids were killed - due to the SPYING AND INTEL INPUTS AND LIES/CALUMNY SPREAD BY BRAHMINS/PANDITS AND BANIAS.In 3 cases,the Gurus were sawed and tortured by BRAHMINS/PANDITS.

But the Sikhs still do NOT get it ?

What went wrong with the Sikhs ?

samir sardana said...

LAST question for the SIKH at November 2, 2020 at 8:33 PM

Sample the deeds of Gobind Singh - the SON of Tegh Bahadur

ਮਨਮ ਕ੝ਸ਼ਤਨਮ ਕੋਹੀਯਾਂ ਬ੝ਤ ਪਰਸਤ ॥

ਕਿ ਓ ਬ੝ਤ ਪਰਸਤੰਦ੝ ਮਨ ਬ੝ਤ ਸ਼ਿਕਸਤ ॥95॥

I have killed the hill Rajas (kings) who were bent on mischief. They were stone idol worshippers, I am the breaker of idols and I worship the one Lord (Zaffarnama, Guru Gobind Singh Ji)




Sample the “Granth Sahib” on the “Hindoo Idol Worshuppers”


FIRST MEHL: The Hindus have forgotten the Primal Lord; they are going the wrong way.As Naarad instructed them, they worship idols. They are “blind and mute, the blindest of the blind”. The “ignorant fools” pick up stones and worship them.



The Granth regards the Sikh Trinity as Demonic,and calls Shiva "INSANE"(proof below)


|| 3 || Shiva cut off Brahma’s head,and Gautam’s wife and the Lord Indra mated; Brahma?s head got stuck to Shiva?s hand, and Indra came to bear the “marks of a thousand female organs”. || 4 || “These demons” have fooled, bound and destroyed me.


|| 1 || In His House,the “insane Shiva”, the Guru of the World, .......

The Granth calls the 3 Gods of the Hindoo Trinity, "FOOLS" and DISEASED !


|| 1 || Pause || Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva suffer from the”disease of the three gunas”,the three qualities..... The “poor fools” do not remember the One who created them



The Pharisees used Pontius Pilate to KILL Jesus - but Christians do NOT HATE Pontius - as they know who poisoned the mind of Pontius and entrapped him !Of Course,the Christians do NOT SPEAK the TRUTH - as their Church is owned by Jews.


When will the Sikhs wake up ? What is a Sikh ? The Brahmin/Bania/Pandit converts to Sikhism are the ones who forged Sikh Scriptures and started the culture of celebrating holi,diwali etc., and it is these people who say that "Sikhs are Hindoos"

They are the Trojans - and there would be at least 15-20 million of them - enough to destroy Sikhism.

This Trojan model was also used in Buddhism - when Brahmins infiltrated it,and then doomed their scriptures and started Theravada Buddhism,and the Mahayanis are in North East Asia.Look at North East Asia and look at India !

Theravada Buddhism is active in Mynamar,Lanka,Cambodia,Laoa and Vietnam - and all have a history of slavery,servitude,rape,pillage,pogroms,mass destruction,poverty,dictators, corruption AND AMSS GENOCIDE

Y ? Theravada Buddhism is the curse of Hindooism,and all these nations were Hindoos for 3-500 years and then adopted Theravada-ism. Fron one snake pit into another !

What is the future for the Sikhs ?

Good Luck for Mr Sikh !

Riaz Haq said...

Boris Johnson's #British #Pakistani policy chief Munira Mirza resigns. She quit over PM's false claim that Opposition Leader Keir Starmer failed to prosecute serial sex offender Jimmy Savile when he was director of public prosecutions. #BorisTheLiar

Boris Johnson's top policy aide has quit over the PM's false claim that Sir Keir Starmer failed to prosecute serial sex offender Jimmy Savile when he was director of public prosecutions.

The PM made the remark on Monday as he came under attack over Sue Gray's report on Downing Street parties.

He later backed down, saying said the Labour leader "had nothing to do personally with those decisions".

Another senior aide, Jack Doyle, has also quit as communications director.

Munira Murza said the PM he should have apologised for the misleading remarks.

In her resignation letter, published by The Spectator, she wrote: "You are a better man than many of your detractors will ever understand, which is why it is so desperately sad that you let yourself down by making a scurrilous accusation against the leader of the opposition."


Mirza's family came to the United Kingdom from Pakistan; her father found work in a factory while her mother was a housewife and taught Urdu part-time. Mirza was born in Oldham, Greater Manchester, North West England and had two older brothers and an older sister. She went to Breeze Hill School until 16, then moved to Oldham Sixth Form College for her A-levels. She was the only pupil in her Sixth Form college to gain a place at Oxford University, studying English Literature at Mansfield College, graduating in 1999. She then completed an MA in Social Research in 2004 and a PhD in Sociology in 2009, both at the University of Kent.

Riaz Haq said...

Ali Ahmed Aslam, 77, Credited With Inventing Chicken Tikka Masala, Dies
A Glasgow restaurateur, he was part of the rise of the British curry house — and played an essential part in its story.

Ali Ahmed Aslam, the Glasgow restaurateur who was often credited with the invention of chicken tikka masala, died on Monday. He was 77.

His son Asif Ali said the cause was septic shock and organ failure after a prolonged illness. He did not say where Mr. Aslam died.

Much like Cartesian geometry, chicken tikka masala was most likely not one person’s invention, but rather a case of simultaneous discovery — a delicious inevitability in so many restaurant kitchens, advanced by shifting forces of immigration and tastes in postwar Britain.

Many cooks claimed that they were the ones who served it first, or that they knew a guy who knew the guy who really did. Others insisted it wasn’t a British invention at all but a Punjabi dish. None of those stories seemed to stick.

Instead, the bright tomato-tinted lights of fame shone on one man: Mr. Aslam, who immigrated to Glasgow from a village outside Lahore, Pakistan, when he was 16, and who opened the restaurant Shish Mahal in 1964.

What seems to have established Mr. Aslam as the inventor of the dish was an unsuccessful 2009 bid by the Scottish member of Parliament Mohammad Sarwar to have the European Union recognize chicken tikka masala as a Glaswegian specialty. In an interview with Agence France-Presse, Mr. Aslam explained that he had added some sauce to please a customer once, and you could almost hear him shrug.

In Aslam family lore, it was a local bus driver who popped in for dinner and suggested that plain chicken tikka was too spicy for him, and too dry — and also he wasn’t feeling well, so wasn’t there something sweeter and saucier that he could have instead? Sure, why not. Mr. Aslam, who was known as Mr. Ali, tipped the tandoor-grilled pieces of meat into a pan with a quick tomato sauce and returned them to the table.

“He never really put so much importance on it,” Asif Ali said. “He just told people how he made it.”

Chicken tikka masala became so widespread that in 2001 Robin Cook, the British foreign secretary, delivered a speech praising the dish — and Britain for embracing it.

“Chicken tikka masala is now a true British national dish,” Mr. Cook said, referring to a survey that had placed it above fish and chips in popularity. “Not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences.”

Mr. Aslam was born into a family of farmers, in a small village near Lahore. As a teenager, newly arrived to Glasgow in 1959, he took a job with his uncle in the clothing business during the day and cut onions at a local restaurant at night.

Mr. Aslam was ambitious, and he soon opened his own place in the city’s West End. He installed just a few tables and a brilliantly hot well of a tandoor oven, which he learned to man in a sweaty process of trial and error. He brought his parents over from Pakistan; his mother helped to run the kitchen, and his father took care of the front of the house.

In 1969, Mr. Aslam married Kalsoom Akhtar, who came from the same village in Pakistan. In Glasgow they raised five children. In addition to his son Asif, his survivors include his wife; their other children, Shaista Ali-Sattar, Rashaid Ali, Omar Ali and Samiya Ali; his brother Nasim Ahmed; and his sisters Bashiran Bibi and Naziran Tariq Ali.

Chicken tikka masala boomed in the curry houses of 1970s Britain. Soon it was more than just a dish you could order off the menu at every curry house, or buy packaged at the supermarket; it was a powerful political symbol.

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37 year old practicing #Muslim #British #Pakistani Humza Yousaf wins race to replace Nicola Sturgeon as #Scotland's next leader. Humza was born in #Glasgow. His father was born in Mian Channu #Pakistan and his mother was born in #Kenya | Reuters

LONDON, March 27 (Reuters) - Scottish nationalists picked Humza Yousaf to be the country's next leader on Monday after a bitterly fought contest that exposed deep divisions in his party over policy and a stalled independence campaign.

The 37-year-old practicing Muslim will succeed Nicola Sturgeon as leader of the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) and, subject to a vote in the Scottish parliament, take over as head of the semi-autonomous government.

Yousaf's victory was confirmed at Edinburgh's Murrayfield rugby ground on Monday afternoon after a six-week campaign where the three candidates spent much of the contest criticising each other's record in a series of personal attacks.

The SNP's unity, which had been one of its strengths, broke down over arguments about how to achieve a second independence referendum and the best way to introduce social reforms such as transgender rights.

Yousaf takes over a party with an overriding objective to end Scotland's three-centuries-long union with England.

But while about four in 10 Scots still support independence, according to a poll this month, the departure of Sturgeon - a charismatic and commanding leader - may slow some of the momentum behind a break up of the United Kingdom.

There is no agreed strategy for how to force a new referendum - one of the reasons Sturgeon resigned.

The often bad-tempered leadership contest has relieved some pressure on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is dealing with divisions in his own party, waves of industrial action and high levels of inflation.

Yousaf won 24,336 of the votes of the SNP's members in the first round, while his main rival Kate Forbes 32, Scotland's finance minister, came second with 20,559 votes. Ash Regan, who quit the government because of her opposition to proposed changes to gender recognition, was third with 5,599 votes.

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Watch: Muslim politician in a kilt swears oath in Urdu to British queen

By Ishaan Tharoor
May 13, 2016

In an emphatic demonstration of British multiculturalism, a Muslim politician elected to Scottish parliament delivered his oath of allegiance in Urdu while wearing a kilt.

Humza Yousaf, a member of the Scottish National Party who won a seat from the city of Glasgow, spoke first in English and then in the language linked to his Pakistani heritage, swearing "that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth" and concluding with "so help me God."

His party championed Scotland's unsuccessful bid for independence in 2014, framing its nationalism not on ethnic identity but on the desire for a distinct, diverse nation to have greater control over its affairs. The SNP now dominates politics in Edinburgh and has a sizable bloc of seats in Westminster as well.

On Twitter, Yousaf laughed off the predictable backlash to his oath from those fearful of the role of Islam in British society.

Yousaf was not the only politician to take the oath in another language: Other members of Scottish parliament spoke in local tongues such as Doric, Gaelic and Scots.

Riaz Haq said...

Humza Yousaf promises independence: What can new SNP leader deliver?

Humza Yousaf made a few big promises as he succeeded Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader - including healing divisions in his party, redoubling efforts to lift people out of poverty and, of course, Scottish independence.

On the Sky News Daily, Sally Lockwood is joined by our Scotland correspondent Connor Gillies and Shona Craven, columnist at The National, as we look at what we can expect from his leadership and discuss how he will measure up against his predecessors.


Scotland led by Pakistani Minister Humza Yousaf, will seek independence from the United Kingdom, which is led by Indian Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The Subcontinent Strikes Back

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Craig Murray -
This is incredible. The Home Office's own extensive study found that there is no ethnic group particularly involved in paedophile grooming, and that most organised paedophile groups are white.
Braverman is truly disgusting.

The study finds no credible evidence for a far-right stereotype that has spread widely in the media, writes Dr Ella Cockbain (UCL Security & Crime Science) in an article co-authored with Dr Waqas Tufail for The Guardian.

Riaz Haq said...

Watch: Braverman dubbed a ‘Trump tribute act’ following grooming comments
'I am calling her rhetoric racist, I am', Tory peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said.

Suella Braverman has been labelled a “Trump tribute act” following her divisive rhetoric on child sexual exploitation.

The home secretary pointed to a “predominance of certain ethnic groups – and I say British Pakistani males – who hold cultural values totally at odds with British values, who see women in a demeaned and illegitimate way and pursue an outdated and frankly heinous approach in terms of the way they behave” in a speech.

She also claimed that victims and whistle-blowers were ignored “due to cultural sensitivity and political correctness’’, a claim challenged in many reports including the Operation Linden Report, published in June 2022.

Writing in response to the comments, a number of health organisations have criticised the home secretary’s rhetoric in the strongest possible terms.

An open letter reads:

“It is unacceptable for the Home Secretary to use inflammatory and divisive rhetoric that is sensationalist and contradicts her own department’s evidence.


'I am calling her rhetoric racist, I am.'

Tory peer Baroness
condemns Suella Braverman's language and tells
we need a grown-up as Home Secretary, not a 'Trump tribute act'.

Riaz Haq said...

As of 2016, there were 12,454 Pakistani doctors and 45,830 Indian doctors out of 215,630 total in the United States.

India 45,830

Pakistan 12,454

Grenada 10,789

Philipines 10,217

Dominica 9,974

Mexico 9,923

Canada 7,765

Dominican Republic 6,269

China 5,772

UAE 4,635

Egypt 4,379


Total Foreign Doctors in UK 66,211

India 18,953

Pakistan 8,026

Nigeria 4,880

Egypt 4,471

Foreign Doctors in Canada 25,400:

South Africa 2,604

India 2,127

Ireland 1,942

UK 1,923

US 1,263

Pakistan 1,087

Riaz Haq said...

Dr. Monica Mukherjee (Indian) and Dr. Farzad Najam (Pakistani) doctors did emergency surgery on Richard Holbrooke (Obama's Special Rep for Afghanistan and Pakistan) at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC. Here's an except from George Packer's biography of Holbrooke:

Hillary Clinton’s doctor, Jehan El-Bayoumi, worked at George Washington and heard from a Clinton aide that an important person was coming their way. A young cardiologist named Monica Mukherjee met the ambulance at the doors and led the gurney through the emergency room to radiology. Holbrooke was screaming in pain. Mukherjee tried to settle him down for the CT scan. She could already tell that his aorta had torn. She didn’t know who he was but he seemed gigantic to her, much too long for the gurney. His enormous feet almost fell off the end. No blood was reaching those feet and their distress was now extreme. Feldman stepped away to call the doctors in New York.

“Where’s Dan,” Holbrooke demanded, “where’s Dan?” “You have to calm down,” Mukherjee told him. The scan showed a Type A aortic dissection, meaning straight to surgery. In the secretary of state’s office the force of his heart pounding blood under immense pressure through the stressed and weakened aneurysm had torn a hole in the aorta’s inner layer, and as blood streamed between the layers the torn flaps blocked the flow to the spinal arteries, and his lower half was cut off.

Mukherjee called the hospital’s chief cardiac surgeon (Dr. Farzad Najam), who was fifteen minutes away. “You need to come right now. It’s a VIP.” “Who is it?” “His name is Holbrooke.” He was wheeled into the triage trauma bay and a curtain was drawn around the gurney. Feldman was on his left side, holding his hand, and LaVine was at the foot of the bed. Mukherjee was trying to get a catheter into his right wrist to monitor blood pressure, but he was in such turmoil that she couldn’t do it. His skin was cold and clammy and he looked as if he was about to pass out, but Mukherjee was struck by how he dominated the room—not just his size but his sheer presence, the light in his ice-blue eyes. She was still struggling with the IV. “This may hurt.”

He closed his eyes. “I hate the beach.” “Okay, what do you like?” He opened them and looked at Mukherjee. “I like beautiful women.” Mukherjee was getting a little annoyed. El-Bayoumi told him again to relax. “I can’t relax. I’m in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan.” “And Iraq?” “No, I don’t care about Iraq. I’m trying to bring peace to Afghanistan.” “Just relax,” El-Bayoumi said. “Let me worry about Afghanistan.” “Fine. You end the war.” He was handed consent forms to sign but was in too much pain to read them. “I have a problem with the second clause,” he said, putting on. He signed.

They wheeled him to the elevator and took him up to the second floor. He kept instructing Feldman. “Tell Mort Janklow. No, wait till the operation is over, and don’t release a press statement till it’s over.” In the intensive care unit the surgeon introduced himself. “Mr. Holbrooke, I am Dr. Farzad Najam, the cardiac surgeon here.” “Any Indian-American doctor is okay with me,” Holbrooke said. Still putting on. Najam and Mukherjee exchanged a look. Najam was a Pakistani American, from Lahore. He knew about Holbrooke’s work. “Just tell me it’s going to be okay.” “Mr. Holbrooke, you have an acute aortic dissection—the aorta has ripped. It’s a surgical emergency and we need to take you to the operating room.” Najam would have to cut through the breastbone, put him on a bypass pump, and replace the aorta and perhaps the valve.

Packer, George. Our Man . Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Riaz Haq said...

#British #Pakistani elected Mayor of #Bolton, #UK. Ayub was born in the small village of Ghora, Kotli, Azad #Kashmir. He came from #Pakistan to Bolton in 1972 at age 15. He worked #textile mills, #manufacturing & transport sector & local gov't,1972%20at%20the%20age%2015.

Ayub was born in the small village of Ghora, Kotli, Azad Kashmir. He came to live in Bolton in 1972 at the age 15.

Ayub has worked in various sectors including Textile mills, manufacturing, commercial and later in the transport sector and local government for last 40 years.

Ayub was elected to Bolton Council in 2006 and has represented Great Lever Ward for the last 17 years. He has served as Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee, Cabinet member for Highways & Transport, Audit, Corporate and Place scrutiny Committee. He has also served as a Governor of Bolton Islamic Girls School.

Mohammed Ayub will be the first Bolton Mayor of Kashmiri origin and is exceptionally proud to be Bolton’s First Citizen. Ayub has chosen his wife Zaibun Nisa to be his Mayoress, they have been married for 45 years. Originally born in Pakistan, Zaibun has lived in the UK for many years. They have 6 beautiful children and 14 grandchildren.

Riaz Haq said...

British Pakistani billionaire Anwar Pervez has a net worth of £3.1 billion.

Born in Rawalpindi, Pervez moved to the UK when he was 21 years old. He became a bus conductor in Bradford, working seven days a week and earning up to £18.

This eventually led to Pervez opening up his first convenience store, Kashmir, for the Muslim community in London.,earning%20up%20to%20%C2%A318.

Riaz Haq said...

72,000 non immigrant visas issued in year 2022 to Pakistanis for USA.

In 2019 the number was 59,000

2020 and 2021 Covid time was 34 and 20k

So 2020 2021 2022 average is still around 40k which is lower than 2019 avg

I can sympathize with ppl who see lots of ppl leaving and feeling every one is leaving as number of ppl leaving is 3 times more than 2021 and twice as much as 2020 .

However fact is ppl are going as they have always done. In fact we haven't returned to pre Covid levels of Emigration and tourism outside Pakistan

Even in 1997 close to 50,000 ppl were issued non immigrant visa by US from Pakistan!


Who’s Getting U.S. Immigrant Visas?
Last year, more than 285,000 U.S. immigrant visas were issued. Here’s a look how that is distributed across every country worldwide:

Rank Country Immigrant Visas Issued (2021)
#1 🇲🇽 Mexico 40,597
#2 🇨🇳 China 18,501
#3 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic 17,941
#4 🇵🇭 Philippines 15,862
#5 🇦🇫 Afghanistan 10,784
#6 🇻🇳 Vietnam 10,458
#7 🇮🇳 India 9,275
#8 🇸🇻 El Salvador 7,813
#9 🇵🇰 Pakistan 7,213
#10 🇧🇩 Bangladesh 5,503
Total 285,069


H1 B visa from Pak to US

What is the H-1B Visa Category? The H-1B is a temporary (nonimmigrant) visa category that allows employers to petition for highly educated foreign professionals to work in “specialty occupations” that require at least a bachelor's degree or the equivalent.

In year 2022 , 1100 from Pakistan

166,000 from India !

If the exodus is 1100 ppl then we have nothing to fear

If 1100 is exodus than what is 166k

Why the one with 166k is rising India and one with 1100 failing Pakistan

Riaz Haq said...

The UK Government data on British household wealth (April 2016 to March 2018) by ethnicity shows that Pakistani household median wealth is £224,500, the second highest after British White and Indian household median wealth of just over £313,000

White households median £313,900 mean £590,400
Indian households median £313,200 mean £493,800
Pakistani households median £224,500 mean £302,100
Chinese households median £77,300 mean £348,400
Bangladeshi households median £65,600 mean £141,100
Other Asian households median £162,100 mean £367,800
Black Caribbean households median £85,900 mean £379,200

Riaz Haq said...

Higher education as the pathway to personal and community success for Pakistani and Bangladeshi people: A systematic review

By Shames MaskeenORCID Icon,Jacob Matthews,Debbie M. Smith,Helen J. Stain &Lisa. A. D. Webster

Amalgamated, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have been found to have higher HE participation rates (53%) than the White British group (36%) but lower than the Black (amalgamated; 57%) and Indian (72%) groups (Allen, Parameshwaran, and Thomson Citation2016). However, when analysed separately, Pakistanis (56.5%) are less likely to progress to HE than Bangladeshis (64.9%) at all HE institutions by age 19 (Hubble, Bolton, and Lewis Citation2021). Reasons for combining ethnic groups for analysis include small sample sizes and preliminary identification of similar rates of HE applications (Boliver Citation2013). Thus, it is often difficult in the literature to differentiate the HE participation decision between Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

Riaz Haq said...

To Buy This Rare Bugatti, He (Pakistani Canadian Bilal Hyderi) Needed Money, Patience and a Trip to France - The Wall Street Journal.

Bilal Hydrie’s dream of owning a 2023 Bugatti Chiron came true after paperwork, interviews, travel—and a $1.5 million deposit

Bilal Hydrie, the president and CEO of an energy company and an investor in oil-and-gas companies, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on his 2023 Bugatti Chiron, as told to A.J. Baime.

Luxury, to me, is not about material possessions. My philosophy is, you have to work really hard in life for your dreams, but you have to enjoy your life, too. Having dreams can be an important motivator to do the best you can. I have been passionate about cars going back to when I was young, growing up in Pakistan. I have owned Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but, for me, Bugatti was always the ultimate dream. I never thought I would achieve this dream, but the journey has been amazing.

You cannot just walk into a dealership and buy a Bugatti because so few exist. I had bought several cars through a dealership in Toronto called Grand Touring Automobiles and, nearly three years ago, I asked if they could get me an allocation for a Bugatti. They said they would try.

The first thing I had to do was fill out an application. A couple representatives from Bugatti interviewed me. They asked about my passion and why I wanted to become an owner. Then I was asked to visit the factory, so I flew to France. It was a totally different experience than what I expected.

Bugatti is a world-famous brand. You would expect a giant factory with hundreds of technicians. In fact, the place they took me to was a large house, called the Château St. Jean. [The company was founded by Ettore Bugatti before World War I in Molsheim, France, and has used this château to conduct business meetings going back to 1928.]

They showed me a presentation of the history of Bugatti and how every model tells a story of innovation. They took me to where the cars were built. There were just five or six technicians hand-building the next Bugatti.

To buy a car, I had to put down a deposit of $1.5 million. Every car is personalized. I had high expectations and specific things I wanted. But the company is so into the craftsmanship, they cannot do just anything you ask. They will not do anything that doesn’t meet their standards.

Two-and-a-half years after I filled out an application, I took ownership of my Chiron [pronounced Shee-RON]. Bugatti made 500 Chirons, and mine was the very last standard 1500-horsepower Chiron that will ever be built. Every executive and every technician who worked on this car signed the underside of the hood.