Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pakistan Cricketers End Australia's Unbeaten Run

How sweet it is!

Pakistani cricketers have ended defending champions Australia's 34-match unbeaten run at the Cricket World Cup 2011 with a four-wicket win.

The last time Australia lost a world cup match was in 1999, and that too was a loss to Pakistan at Headingley in England.

The groundwork for Aussie defeat was laid when the mighty Australians were restricted by Pakistani bowlers to a mere 176 all out in 46.4 overs, their lowest total at any world cup match since 1992. Pakistan's pace attack led by Umar Gul (3 wickets for 30 runs) and Abdur Razzak (2 wickets for 8 runs), and surprisingly well supported by wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal and the rest of the fielders, did the trick.

With the exception of youngsters Asad Shafiq (46 runs) and Umar Akmal (44 runs, not out), Pakistan's batting was not particularly impressive, but it was good enough to score 178 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 41 overs to defeat Australia.

This significant morale-boosting win has come after a very rough patch for Pakistan's cricket. Pakistan was scheduled to co-host the world cup tournament but it was taken away from it due to security concerns after the attack in Lahore on the visiting Sri Lanka team in March 2009. Last year, several Pakistani players came under suspicion of match-fixing and two of them have been banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

I hope that this historic victory leads to Pakistan convincingly winning the world cup this year AND this dramatic success helps turn the fortunes around for the nation's cricket and its long-suffering cricket-crazy people.

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Anonymous said...

I am an Indian and dislike Pakistan and Pakistanis. But got to concede. This Pak team looks very good (much better than current indian team) and they can even win the cup.

Iqbal Singh said...

Too bad Pakistan could not co-host the world cup due to high security risks (fall out from the brazen attack on Sri Lankan Team).

Estimated loss is $50 million and that is a conservative figure considering total revenue generated, including TV/Media and sponsorships, is $1 billion.

vicks1980 said...

I'm surprised that after all the serious topics of economics, politics and developmental stories, you're crowing about a one day victory over a lowly ranked Australian side that was recently thrashed by England in the Ashes. It's nice to see your patriotism, but one day cricket is just the "icing on the cake" and can never really be compared to test cricket, the pinnacle of the game: these are the words of your own former great, Imran Khan. Not too far ago, I recall you replying to someone on your comments section that T 20 was the future of the game and Pakistan's success at the T20 Cup proved that Pakistan were the best side, or words to that effect. So while your understanding of economics is indeed deep, clearly that of cricket isn't.

Anonymous said...

"So while your understanding of economics is indeed deep, clearly that of cricket isn't."

Yes deep indeed. Expressing unending and ridiculous optimism for Pak and the reverse for India. And when facts are presented to demolish his myths, he does one thing he is always great at. Block that reply :-)

Ashmit (India) said...

Shahid Afridi - a one man army on a demolition mission. A must have in any dream team! Love the way he's leading the team.

Riaz Haq said...

Ashmit: "Shahid Afridi - a one man army on a demolition mission..."

I'd like to see Pakistan play India in the semifinal AND defeat the Indian team at home in Mohali....that's what I'm looking forward to.

I think it'll be a great contest of two cricketing giants.

Ashmit (India) said...

Mr. Haq - "I'd like to see Pakistan play India in the semifinal AND defeat the Indian team at home in Mohali....that's what I'm looking forward to."

your musings are fast turning into fanciful extrapolations. Its almost a cliche - but Pakistan's cricket team has mastered the art of consistency at being inconsistent.

And though the talent is undeniable, and the form - impressive, its now almost time for the team to misfire and live up to the high standards of inconsistency...

beating india?!?!?!? in a world cup?!?!? pakistan has neever beaten india in any world cup!!

So as far as mohali is concerned - BRING IT ON! It'll be a pleasure watching the all-star indian batting line up tearing into the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Riaz Bhai - I have finally found a great match for YOU:

Anonymous said...

I think Dhoni from a pure tactical position have lost the match against WI.

Then we have a relatively simple match against Sri lanka and are almost sure to feature in the finals.

Instead there is a very real possibility of it ending right here.
at the QF stage.

And yes since 1970s Pakistan has lost to India in EVERY SINGLE MATCH at the world cup.So frankly Pakistan is the least of my worries.

Shafiq said...

Ashmit (India) "beating india?!?!?!? in a world cup?!?!? pakistan has neever beaten india in any world cup!!"

Yes Ashmit. You are right.

BTW. No one had beaten Australia either until few days ago.

Guess which team beat them. I don't think it was India.

So India could follow the same path!!

Ashmit (India) said...

Shafiq - "So India could follow the same path!!"

Would you like me to rub it in, sir.

I'll take it easy on you. Its 5-0 at WCs and counting, Mr. Shafiq.

Mr. Riaz, you have been very sporting throughout your contributions about the Indo-Pak face-off. A great gesture.

Wish India luck for finals.

Shafiq said...

Ashmit (India) "would you like me to rub it in, sir”

You are welcome to rub it in as long as you note that it was still Pakistan who beat Australia.

And secondly note the word “ ‘could’ follow the same path”

Third I can take it on chin.

And one of these days it will be 5-1

And as for India v Sri Lanka may the better team on the day win.