Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PakAlumni Worldwide has 500 members three weeks after launch

I launched PakAlumni Worldwide just three weeks ago after the successful conclusion of NEDians Convention 2007. PakAlumni Worldwide is a social network to specifically address the needs of Pakistani university alumni and students by providing them with an international online platform to connect, share and collaborate.
A brief visit to with its various discussion forums would quickly show you how it is different from Orkut or Linked-In or Facebook. In addition to sharing culturally-appropriate photos, videos, music and blogging, its discussion forums range from mentoring students and young alums on career choices, higher education abroad to alumni giving and entrepreneurship. The instant popularity can be assessed by the fact that it reached more than 500 members within three weeks without any serious promotion effort. When it reaches its full potential, I expect it to serve tens of thousands, even millions of Pakistanis around the world by bringing them together to connect, share, collaborate and socialize on an international scale.
The Pakistani diaspora is huge, successful and powerful. It can be galvanized to exert a strong, positive influence in shaping Pakistani society for the benefit of all Pakistanis and our friends around the world. I have big dreams for this effort and I remain optimistic that these dream are quite achievable.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for being the first to comment on my post on Watson. I think others have been a little frightened of the subject.

It was my pleasure to work with a couple members of the "Pakistani diaspora" in the summer of 2002. They were excellent representatives of your country, and gave me my first real impression of Pakistan.

Riaz Haq said...

It takes a lot of courage to touch a taboo subject like the link between race and intelligence. While I do not personally agree with the Watson comment, I think we should not be afraid to touch it.There are sufficient grounds to believe that the IQ tests are specifically a product of European context and designed mainly to test problem-solving skills in that context.
Thank you for you comments regarding the Pakistani diaspora.